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Tiani Dun

Hey! I’m Tiani: a Marine Biologist, Divemaster, writer and the founder of the Ocean Monkeys.

I am passionate about life and about the ocean. What first drew me to the sea was (I think) how pretty it was. And from there the world of surfing, diving, photography and marine biology sort of just opened up like a rolling carpet (blue, of course).

With a background in Psychology, I believe that the answer to the world’s problems lies in our mental constructs of the world. On this platform, I hope to communicate and spread ocean awareness to the world. I believe that the most important change is achieved through forming deep connections with ourselves, others, and with the natural world around us. We can make small changes now through sharing our stories and embracing our inner ocean spirits! 𓆉 

Why ‘Ocean Monkeys’?

Ocean Moneys? What? Who? What a strange name, or so you may think. In fact, scientists have found that humans evolved from the ocean around 540 million years ago. That’s right, our oldest ancestors were these microscopic sea animals called Saccorhytus. These animals formed the evolutionary basis for fish and many other vertebrates, including humans (Han et al. 2017).

Now it would have taken time and lots of plate movements (and I’m not talking dinner plates), but our primitive beginnings originated in the sea. Are you drawn to the sea? Do you feel an affinity towards it like we do? That’s completely natural, because really, we are all just ocean monkeys!

Fossilised trace of Saccorhytus from ~540 million years ago, the earliest known common ancestors of a broad range of species, including vertebrates. (Size ~1mm) (Source: BBC)
Film by Tiani Dun

I believe in the power of storytelling. The Ocean Monkeys is designed to document my travels and share the most important lessons I learn along the way. We can learn immensely from each individual’s actions and unique perspective. On this platform, I hope to give a voice to those individuals who have inspired me the most.
— Tiani Dun


Anaïs Bond

Anaïs is a Marine Biology student, writer and artist, currently studying her undergraduate degree in marine science. Anaïs hopes to spread awareness and joy through her art, to celebrate the natural wonders of our planet. Eventually, Anaïs hopes to combine the aspects of creativity and science and occasionally writes for the Ocean Monkeys blog page. Read more about Anaïs here and check out her personal blog!

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Film by Tiani Dun