Meet the Monkeys:

Tiffany Dun

Tiffany is a writer and the founder of the Ocean Monkeys. With a background in Psychology, she hopes to communicate and spread ocean awareness throughout the local community and beyond. Tiffany believes that the most important change is achieved collaboratively and through education.

Anaïs Bond

Anaïs is a student, writer and artist, currently studying her undergraduate degree in marine science. Anaïs hopes to spread awareness and joy through her art, to celebrate the natural wonders of our planet. Eventually, Anaïs hopes to combine the aspects of creativity and science. Read more about Anaïs here.

Sina Strähl

Sina is a scientific diver and underwater videographer who currently works in marine conservation on the Great Barrier Reef. Sina hopes to showcase the small underwater critters that don’t get much attention, and encourage others to get out there and experience the world for themselves. Read more about Sina here.

Yannis Karrer

Yannis is a student and scuba diving instructor. He hopes to directly bring awareness to people by teaching them to experience the underwater natural world for themselves. With a focus on mindful meditation, Yannis especially loves the focus on freediving, with the feeling of being fully immersed in nature.

Gina Karnasch

Gina is a student studying marine biology, who spreads her love for the ocean and awareness through her wholesome way of living. Gina encourages others to live a plastic-free lifestyle, and finds simple solutions to minimize everyday waste. Gina eats a mainly plant-based diet and hopes to inspire others to make small differences where they can.