Meet Anaïs Bond:

A creative monkey and ocean lover at heart.

By Tiani Dun

I met Anaïs when she moved into my house. And boy am I glad to have her here. This lovely earthling spends her free time crafting all sorts of masterpieces, caring for others, cooking (for me) and exploring the great, wide outdoors. She is a budding artist, hoping to spread awareness of the ocean and its wonders through her masterpieces. Here is a glimpse into Anaïs’ mindset, for all of you happy souls out there who are lucky to (or perhaps one day will) know her.

Anaïs in her element: painting at home.

She writes: “My love for art stemmed from a child, painting in my grandmas loungeroom, making a mess with all of the colours of the rainbow. I remember the art teacher in primary school always telling me to sit down, but subconsciously after 5 minutes I would be standing up again fully absorbed by the work in front of me.

I am often found with a paintbrush or pallet in my hand, scribbling down new ideas. Art for me has never been a chore or something I want to rush, it’s my outlet and my motive, a way to slow time and regroup in the crazy world around us. I have never undertaken art class or studied a degree in fine arts but believe everyone is an artist in their own way and creation should be raw and an expression of your inner thoughts.

Original painting by Anaïs Bond.

Another original: Now hanging in the living room at Evans St.

“Everyone is an artist in their own way.”

I used to primarily use watercolours but recently fell in love with the texture and roughness of using a pallet knife. The inspiration for my paintings stems from a lust for the ocean and the power and energy it holds, I see nature as the world’s largest canvas. It’s the movement of water, whether it be the swash on a rocky shore, the beauty of a barrel forming, currents or the blue hues of bombies on a coral reef that I’m in awe of. It’s the rugged coastline of Australia; its diverse character. The west coasts contrast of desert umber and ocean teal, to the south coast cliffs and rough seas that inspires me.

“I see nature as the world’s largest canvas.”

I hope in the future to display my pieces in cafes, galleries, loungerooms, on park murals or community areas where people will see them and recognise the beauty of the ocean. I wish to address the future health of our seas and let my art tell a story of why we need to protect the precious and vulnerable big blue.

Original painting by Anaïs Bond: Now hanging in the downstairs lounge at Evans St.

I believe art and science don’t have to be opposing fields of work. I am currently studying Marine Science and James Cook University and love learning the interactions between chemistry, physics, biology and the marine realm. I love the scientific side of it all and am very grateful to have the opportunity to be working alongside some of the leading researchers in the field. But I believe change comes when the mindset of masses comes together.

“Change comes when the mindset of masses comes together.”

I want to be able to reach out to children, grandparents, lawyers, florists, millionaires, the less fortunate and everyone in between and give them the opportunity to respect and protect the ocean. I want to use art as a form of communication to educate all the earthlings towards a heathier and happier ocean.”

Original painting by Anaïs Bond.

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