Greetings Earthlings,

You and I belong to the most abundant species of large mammal on earth. Yet we live different kinds of lives than we ever have in the past!

Our predators have been eliminated, most viruses (except for COVID) are now under control, we have even figured out how to deliver food to our doorsteps using online apps!

We are living in a time and place of abundance. Yet we have also never been so disconnected from one another.

We have developed science but our communication skills lag behind. We have power and technology without spiritual connection.

Stradbroke Island on Film by Tiani

There is much work to be done! We Ocean Monkeys feel as though we have an ethical responsibility to use our powers for good!

On this online platform, author Tiffany Dun has interviewed a number of young ocean explorers, or ‘Ocean Monkeys,’ who express their love of the planet through various creative mediums. Here, the Ocean Monkeys hope to inspire you to live life through your deepest passions and most important connections.

Our mission is to inspire and engage young leaders to have difficult conversations and to question the sustainability of the modern world. If we cannot continue in our lifestyles of overconsumerism, then how can we use our gifts and talents to create sustainable alternatives?

We hope to encourage others to live positively and creatively -with the first step being able to relish in and experience all of nature’s beauty.