By Tiani Dun

Halifax falls on Film by Tiani Dun

What does the perfect world look like?

Renewable energy drives entire countries. Each and every car is powered by solar and battery. In fact, every roof of every house is coated with a solar-powered paint.

Our countries aren’t run by single individuals, who are likely to only be around (and thus plan and envision for) a few years. Instead, parliament is run by a group of diverse and educated young individuals, who work together to make decisions with the interest of the people and the earth first.  

Children are taught to garden, to build with wood and metals and to cook in schools. In universities (which are free), students work on real-life and relevant projects which make a difference in their local communities. Students are taught to ask questions, and to live consciously.

All toilets and irrigation systems now use recycled water instead of fresh water. Every person brings their own bags and containers to the supermarkets when they need to restock their kitchens. Street lamps turn on only when they sense you coming and are dimmed when they aren’t needed.

The thing is, we have all of the technologies and capabilities of making this world a reality -today. Why is it that we live in a country so rich, yet we are so behind in catching onto the ideologies of green lifestyles?

In Iceland, 99% of energy is produced by hydropower and geothermal energy. Norway is similarly run with 98% of production coming from hydropower, wind and thermal energy.

Australia, unfortunately, is lagging severely behind. Today, just over 25% of our energy comes from renewable sources, with the main contributor to our energy still being coal.

Why are we so behind? What is taking us so long?

With a plethora of land and sun, you would think we would cover more area with solar panels. With a coastline enveloped by the ocean, you would think that we would harness the energy from the waves and tides.

Some good news: The cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are now transitioning to 100% renewable energy. The rest of Australia still has a long swim ahead.

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